envitron systems - the novel impound water monitoring system with a base station and 4 satellite water sensors

Impound water Monitoring System

Are you aware of the amount of impound water on your roofs at all times?
Do you know exactly how much weight your flat roof can still support? Are your protective measures sufficient for the increasing number of extreme weather events?

Easily keep an eye on impound water on your flat roof at all times without dangerous roof inspections. Heavy precipitation poses a danger in both summer and winter. Prepare your building for upcoming extreme weather events, which will continue to increase in the future!
This is the only way you can react in a timely manner.

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Automated monitoring of backwater

During heavy rain, flat roofs and their drainage systems are often pushed to their performance limits. If the water cannot be drained away quickly enough, the rainwater builds up on the roof. In the worst case scenario, the roof structure becomes statically overloaded and the flat roof collapses

Stagnant water on flat roofs must therefore be permanently monitored. Conventional systems only test the impermeability of flat roofs, but not the height or weight of standing water (melt water or heavy rainfall). Per roof area of 1 m², an additional surface load of 100 kg/m² acts on the supporting structure if the water is only 10 cm high.
Such water accumulation should be registered as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the flat roof structure or even collapse due to the permissible roof load being exceeded.

We have the perfect solution for fully automated control of the accumulated water on your flat roof without dangerous roof inspections!

The technology of the impound water monitoring system

Our backwater monitoring system consists of a control center and up to 14 water sensors. The control center transmits the measured values of the individual sensors to our online portal every hour. These are connected to the control center via WLAN. The backwater sensors measure the exact height of the standing water in mm. This allows precise statements to be made about the current surface load on the roof.

Both the control center and the individual sensors are completely self-sufficient. This means that no cables need to be laid. A solar panel in the control center charges the integrated emergency power battery. Even in complete darkness, the battery lasts for over 100 days, as the control center is designed to save energy. The rechargeable batteries of the backwater sensors have a service life of up to 3 years.

Online portal

You can view the current measured values of the individual sensors at any time via our online portal. There, you can also adjust the limit values for warning messages and set the respective e-mail and SMS recipients. If the limit values are exceeded, the control center automatically sends a warning message via SMS or e-mail to a defined group of recipients. The control center does not require an Internet connection for this. This is particularly important in areas with a poor internet connection. In our online portal, current severe weather warnings are also displayed by meteo-alarm for each district.

Our satellite snow measurement systems and backwater sensors can be combined as required.

Technical data control center

  • integrated 4G/5G LTE modem
  • SMS dispatch to up to 8 recipients
  • E-mail dispatch to up to 4 recipients
  • Voicemail notification configurable
  • Dimensions: 50x50cm, height 120 cm
  • Weight: approx. 30 kg, absolutely stable
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C – 70°C
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Potential-free contacts for connection to BMS
  • Power supply: 20 W solar panel
  • Integrated 24Ah emergency power accumulator, up to 2400h buffer time
  • integrated ZigBee radio module 2.4GHz
  • Up to 14 wireless water sensors can be connected

Technical data backwater sensors

  • Radio standard: ZigBee 2.4 GHz
  • Range: >100m
  • Ambient temperature: -40 bis +70°C
  • Accuracy: +/-2mm
  • Measuring range: Min. 10 mm, max. 250mm
  • Power consumption: < 1mA
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Power supply: AGM battery (lasts more than 3 years, no lithium)