envitron systems Kamera Monitoring System

Camera Monitoring System

Continuous 24/7 video surveillance of your roof -
easily check out danger reports via live images.

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Live video surveillance

Thanks to our camera system, you'll always be able to view your roof in real time. In case of alerts, you can get a quick overview without having to inspect the roof in person.

The camera used has a night vision capability of 80m. Even in darkness you can quickly decide whether further measures are necessary. The images are sent to our own server in Germany by encrypted protocol every hour and displayed in our online portal. You can access live images at any time using a live button.

Technical Data

  • Power supply: 230V, ca. 1A
  • Resolution: 2688 × 1520
  • Focal Length & FOV: horizontal FOV 78°, vertical FOV 38°, diagonal FOV 96°
  • DORI: D: 115 m, O: 45 m, R: 23 m, I: 11 m
  • IR night vision range: 80m
  • Integrated LTE modem
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Attack prevention: DDOS prevention (SYN flood protection, SSH attack prevention, HTTP/HTTPS attack prevention), port scan prevention (SYN-FIN, SYN-RST, X-mas, NULL flags, FIN scan attacks) Security Protocol: AWS CIS V7
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C bis +60°C
  • Housing waterproof according to IP68